Utilising over a decade's combined practical experience in the Sales, Service and Communities Platforms the team here at Simon Driscoll Consultancy can provide advice, assistance, and instruction to maximise the return on investment you have made in Salesforce.

Our team have worked with global companies and understand Salesforce from an end-user, business, strategic, leadership and customer perspective.

From day-to-day Salesforce administration to roadmap guidance, we can provide a tailored package to support you in whatever aspect of platform engagement you need.

Change Management

Effective, clear and straightforward change management can be critical to the success of your business. Any time of change is both a period of excitement and of challenges. Our Change Management service provides guidance and coaching to ensure that you are Salesforce ready.

Our team are highly experienced in managing change across diverse projects including platform introduction, information migration, staff training, user adoption and new release readiness.

We work with you to provide the right support and guidance for customers at all stages of Salesforce adoption and of all sizes from those with very few users to multi-billion pound companies with a global user base.


How your company has maximised its return on investment from Salesforce can be difficult to quantify or demonstrate at times. Understanding what to do with, and how to report on, the data generated in relation to the progress made on your Salesforce roadmap is not always straight forward.

Working alongside your Executive and Leadership teams, Simon Driscoll Consultancy can provide advice and assistance for long term operational and management strategies to help define roles within the organisation, refine reporting processes, assist
in business analytics solutions, prioritise the development of your Salesforce roadmap and increase user engagement across the organisation.


A dedicated Salesforce resource who can focus on the roadmap and day to day functionality is not always a practical reality in every business. Simon Driscoll Consultancy can provide a range of Salesforce support options from ad-hoc projects to 24/7 support.

Our team can oversee operational support, service integration, system set-up and configuration as well as ongoing training and troubleshooting advice, ensuring all your requirements, from simple to critical, are met.

Our work has helped to achieve

45% reduction in administration time
62% increase in sales engagement
72% increase in efficiencies
74% increase in customer satisfaction
81% increase in adoption